Online Event - NU Doc Media Thesis Showcase: Doppler Effect - Part 2: Block Museum - Northwestern University
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Online Event - NU Doc Media Thesis Showcase: Doppler Effect - Part 2

Poster for NU Doc Media Thesis Showcase: Doppler Effect - Program 2: Human Loom
Poster for NU Doc Media Thesis Showcase: Doppler Effect - Part 2: Human Loom
7 PM-9:30 PM

Event Details

Date & Time:

Fri June 12, 2020
7 PM-9:30 PM


The Block Museum of Art
40 Arts Circle Drive
Evanston, IL 60208


Free, Open to the public, Online


2020 MFA degree candidates in Documentary Media at Northwestern University present their thesis films online in the annual showcase of "NU Docs" through the Block Museum of Art.

The NU Doc Media Thesis Showcase: Doppler Effect will take place in two parts on Thursday, June 11th and Friday, June 12th at 7 PM CDT. RSVP TO PART 1 OF THIS SHOWCASE HERE.

Post-screening Q&A with filmmaker Julian Flavin and the Doc Media MFA filmmakers


Part 2: Human Loom

A shared history is a fabric that binds people together: a fabric woven on a giant loom busy with all of our hands, collectively picking at the warp as the shuttle of time ceaselessly flies back and forth. Documentaries can set out to pluck at these threads and to highlight the relationships and memories that bind us together by granting us the time necessary to experience this collective product of our lives. These five films will be the weaver’s hands, stringing together moments of certainty and uncertainty teased out from a world’s worth of personal stories. What does it mean for us when that fabric begins to fray? Who do we look to repair and re-stitch these memories and relationships? Tonight, the program will test the limits of cinema’s ability to do just that with five stories that expound on our connections—fractured or intact—and appeal to the ancient and restorative effect of storytelling itself.

  • Otros Tiempos, 2020, 11min. Dir: Mireya Guzmán-Ortiz

With intimate depictions of labor in the everyday, Otros Tiempos builds a complex portrait of a dairy farmer and her experience of love, marriage, death, and borders.

  • Suspensus, 2020, 14 mins. Dir: Milton Guillén

Suspensus follows two visual artists in an exilic limbo as they utilize poetry, memories and dreams to remain emotionally connected to their convoluted past.

  • Everything Becomes One Year Ago, 2020, 17 min. Dir: Elana Meyers

Everything Becomes One Year Ago patiently unveils the creative possibilities of the aging mind: what we lose as well as gain when our memories slip away.

  • tres cuartos y un techo, 2020, 18 mins, Dir: Isabella Ostos Campos

tres cuartos y un techo examines three generations of women as they recount their memories of trauma and its manifestations over time. Through various forms of recollection, the film addresses themes related to gender, abuse, and mental health, while still questioning what truth means when trauma has shaped a person’s life.

  • 2047, 18min, 2020. Dir: Ready Ni

Set against the backdrop of Hong Kong’s youth protest, this impressionistic short documentary is structured around a young couple’s melancholy reflections on this fleeting moment in history.

TRT ~78 mins + conversation

Program notes are available here.


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