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students at the block

Teaching & Learning

Welcome to the Block, where we ask:

“How do fields of human endeavor and creativity intersect in unexpected ways to yield entirely new ways of thinking?”

An Incubator for Learning

The Block embeds projects and programs in Northwestern campus sites—from classrooms to laboratories to practice halls and residence halls— and in community settings including public schools. In recent years, the Block has expanded its engagement with Northwestern’s campuses by re-imagining the museum as a classroom and laboratory. We are both a welcoming portal to the University and a place uniquely suited to raise and debate essential questions about the world and our place in it.

Students are deeply involved with the life of the museum. They drive the artistic conversation by curating exhibits, participating in strategic planning, contributing to publications, creating new communications platforms, and working directly with resident artists. These experiences expose them to new ideas and perspectives, inviting them to think critically and acquire skills that will enhance their personal and professional lives.

Learn With Us