The Block Collection Council: Block Museum - Northwestern University
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Grid of artworks from The Block's collection that pertain to its Collection Council

The Block Collection Council

The Collection Council is a collaborative learning opportunity consistent with The Block’s educational mission. Meetings foreground conversations and shared learning. Each year the group builds consensus to propose a work of art to The Block’s Acquisitions Committee. The Council also builds The Block’s resources for acquiring art and invests in structures and processes to support care for the collection and make it accessible to broad audiences.


Block Collection Council:

  • Provides financial resources to support the growth, care, and accessibility of The Block’s collection, which is critical to its teaching, learning and research mission
  • Serves as a group of ambassadors for the collection by tapping into members’ networks
  • Participates in collaborative learning to gain knowledge of artists, art histories, museums, and the care of works of art
  • Supports The Block’s Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion commitments and its Collecting Statement, with the continued goal of bringing new voices and diverse global perspectives into The Block’s collection.

Member Commitments

  • $5,000 charitable contribution per year; may include one guest in Council activities
  • Under 40 reduced contribution option of $2,500
  • Attend two Collection Council meetings (virtual format, spring and fall)
  • Participate in discussions to determine acquisition recommendations
  • Make an annual recommendation to The Block’s internal Acquisitions Committee

What to Expect

  • Maximum of 20 members
  • Annual theme will guide Council activities
  • Optional participation in 3-5 virtual curator talks, artist studio or gallery visits annually, guided readings
  • Director's Office works with Block curatorial staff to develop Council plans, including consulting with the Block Museum Student Associates and Associate Director of Curatorial Affairs to announce the annual theme


  • Please direct inquiries to Kate Hadley Toftness, Block Museum Assistant Director of Advancement and Strategic Initiatives, at