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audiences at Block cinema event


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Spring 2019 Cinema Preview

Spring 2019 Cinema Preview from Block Museum on Vimeo.

Michael Metzger, The Block's Pick-Laudati Curator of Media Arts discusses exciting highlights from our upcoming cinema season.

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Art in America
'Caravans of Gold' tells stories of exchange and of beauty, bringing African artisans, travelers, and tradespeople into the role usually occupied in our culture by heroic knights of medieval fiction. It replaces a vision of the Sahara as an empty space with the truth of the Sahara as a venue for movement and the generation of wealth. It replaces the blank spots in our historical vision with the simple fact of African people’s existence in and relevance to the medieval world. If this is the only lesson visitors take away with them from the Block out into the contemporary world and every museum they visit afterward, it will have been enough.”
Josephine Livingstone, April 1 2019

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