Board of Advisors: Block Museum - Northwestern University
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Board of Advisors

The Block Board of Advisors consists of leaders from the worlds of the arts, academia, and business who support and advise the Museum’s Ellen Philips Katz Director. Advisors serve for a term of three years with the possibility for renewal. 

Board of Advisors 2022-2023
Cheryl Johnson-Odim, Evanston, IL, Appointed 2020, Co-Chair, Board of Advisors, Provost Emerita, Dominican University (WCAS MA '75, WCAS PhD '78)
Stuart H. Bohart, Aspen, CO, Appointed 2016, Co-Chair, Board of Advisors, President, Fort Invest Management (WCAS '89, '25 P)
Anu Aggarwal, Chicago, IL, Appointed 2015, Art Collector (SP KSM '97)
Kim Allen-Niesen, Los Angeles, CA, Appointed 2017, Art Collector ('16, '19 P)
Mary Baglivo, New York, NY, Appointed 2017, Vice Chancellor, Marketing and Communications, Rutgers University (MDL '81)
Daniel S. Berger, Chicago, IL, Appointed 2019, Medical Director, Northstar Healthcare, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Univ of IL at Chicago 
Christine Bernstein, Pacific Palisades, CA, Appointed 2016, Artist ('17, '23 P)
Julie Bernstein, New York, NY, Appointed 2019, Art Collector and principal and founder of the interior and floral design firm Cambridge Bell Flowers. ('24 P)
Priscilla Vail Caldwell, Brooklyn, NY, Appointed 2016, Curator and Advisor, PVC Fine Arts, LLC. (WCAS '85)
Lisa G. Corrin, Evanston, IL, ex-officio, The Ellen Philips Katz Director of the Block Museum
Nicole Druckman, Evanston, IL, Appointed 2013, Grant Writer (WCAS '92) (SP WCAS '93)
Kristin Peterson Edwards, Darien, CT, Appointed 2013, Former Art Dealer; Community Volunteer (WCAS '92)
Kate Ezra, New Haven, CT, Retired, Former Curator, Yale University Art Gallery (TGS PhD '83)
James Geier, Chicago, IL, Appointed 2013, Founder/President, 555 International
Lynn Hauser, Chicago, IL, Appointed 2012, Retired Ophthalmologist (FSM '74, '76, '80) (SP FSM '75, '79, '80)
Steven P. Henry, New York, NY, Appointed 2018, Senior Director at Paula Cooper Gallery (WCAS '85)
Rashid Johnson, New York, NY, Appointed 2019, Artist
Ellen Philips Katz, New York, NY, Appointed 2005, Trustee, Northwestern University (WCAS '70)
Zeynep Keyman, Zurich and Istanbul, Appointed 2013, Art Collector, ( '07, '12 P)
James A. Klein, Riverwoods, IL, Appointed 2010, President, Acrobat Marketing Company (MDL '68 MSJ)
Dianne Loeb, Seattle, WA, Appointed 2014, NU Regent; Community Volunteer (KSM '80) (SP KSM '81)
Angela Lustig, Chicago, IL, Appointed 2014, Artist; Former VP/Group Creative Director, Abelson Taylor (SP MDL '67, '68 MS)
Irwin Press, Chicago, IL, Appointed 2012, Art Collector, Retired Professor, Notre Dame University; co-founder, Press Ganey Associates (WCAS '59)
Richard M. Rieser, Jr., Northbrook, IL, Appointed 2013, Founder and former CEO, First Oak Brook Bancshares (SP SESP '70)
Sandra L. Riggs, Lake Forest, IL, Appointed 2012, Board Member, The Alumnae of Northwestern University (Comm '65)
Christine O. Robb, Winnetka, IL, Appointed 2011, President and CEO, Artists’ Concepts, Inc. (WCAS '66, '93P) (SP WCAS '66, '93 P) 
Selig D. Sacks, New York, NY, Appointed 2007, Managing Director and General Counsel, Ruton Capital (WCAS '69, '17 P)
Jean E. Shedd, Evanston, IL,  NU Associate Provost for Budget, Facilities, and Analysis (KSM '97)
Diane Solomon, New York, NY, Appointed 2012, Art Collector ('10, '15 P)
Lisa Tananbaum, New York, NY, Appointed 2015, Art Collector (WCAS '86)
Martha Tedeschi, Cambridge, MA, Appointed 2017, Director of the Harvard Art Museums (WCAS PhD '94)
Ken Thompson, Fox Lake, IL, Appointed 2015, Managing Director, Level X Consulting (WCAS '91)