Wanderers of the Desert (1984): Block Museum - Northwestern University
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Wanderers of the Desert (1984)

Wanderers of the Desert still
7 PM

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Date & Time:

Wed April 10, 2019
7 PM


The Block Museum of Art
40 Arts Circle Drive
Evanston, IL 60208


Open to the public


This beguiling fable weds traditions of Arabic literature with modern cinema through stunning compositions and unpredictable narrative structures. An inexperienced schoolteacher arrives in a remote Saharan village, where he learns that a curse afflicts the young men of the region,  calling them to wander aimlessly in the desert. As the teacher loses himself in the village’s strange atmosphere, director Nacer Khemir deftly balances the mystical with the contemplative, summoning the inexplicable and the timeless from the everyday. Newly restored by the Cinémathèque royale de Belgique.

95 min.

Nacer Khemir, 1986, Tunisia/France, DCP

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