Brûle la mer (Burn the Sea, 2015) in 35mm: Block Museum - Northwestern University
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Brûle la mer (Burn the Sea, 2015) in 35mm

Brûle la mer (Burn the Sea, 2015) in 35mm
7 PM

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Date & Time:

Thu March 14, 2019
7 PM


The Block Museum of Art
40 Arts Circle Drive
Evanston, IL 60208


Open to the public


Thursday, March 14, 2019 7:00 PM FREE
(Maki Berchache and Nathalie Nambot, 2014, France, 35mm, 75 min.)
In French and Arabic with English subtitles

The 2011 collapse of the Ben Ali government in Tunisia prompted a mass exodus of so-called harragas (literally, “border burners”) to Europe. One of these migrants was a young hospitality worker, Maki Berchache, who collaborated with French filmmaker and activist Nathalie Nambot on this poetic and intimate experimental documentary. Shooting on Super-8 and 16mm film, Berchache and Nambot gather together the memories, reflections, dreams and fears of the migrant community in France, imagining cinema as a space of connection and collective practice within an unfamiliar and sometimes hostile landscape.


Part of the film series
Personal Passages: African Filmmakers in Europe

Personal Passages responds to the concurrent Block exhibitions Caravans of Gold and Isaac Julien: The Leopard (Western Union Small Boats) through a series of films which illuminate 20th and 21st century migrant experiences across the Mediterranean. While dozens of films have been made by European filmmakers addressing the challenges faced by refugees and immigrants to Europe, the films in this series, made by Tunisian, Mauritanian and Malian emigré filmmakers, all provide more intimate perspectives on these experiences of displacement and diaspora.

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