What am I to do with a weak mirror? 2023 MFA Thesis Exhibition Performances: Block Museum - Northwestern University
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What am I to do with a weak mirror? 2023 MFA Thesis Exhibition Performances

2 people across from each other squatting with sticks and arms raised and a long apparatus in between the
4:30 PM-7:10 PM

Event Details

Date & Time:

Thu June 8, 2023
4:30 PM-7:10 PM


Arts Circle Drive/Wirtz
performances occurring at different locations, see below for details


Open to the public


Performances from artists Katie Revilla and Eshan Rafi.


4:30 – 5:00p | Arts Circle Drive 

If nothing connects us but imagined sound by Katie Revilla                           


6:30 – 7:10p | Wirtz Center for the Performing Arts, Room 201

a soft spell by Eshan Rafi with Jasmine Lupe Mendoza and wearable objects by Cory Perry


Open to all; we appreciate an RSVP!


About the Performances:

If nothing connects us but imagined sound is a performance and final element to Katie Revilla’s installation, spirit house, currently on view at the Block Museum’s Alsdorf Gallery. This performance that will take place on the drive outside the museum will function as the physical and symbolic retracing that represents the activation and closing of the spirit house. As a spirit house must always be ceremoniously closed before it is moved, the closure will be performed through Filipina Martial Artists and an all female and non-binary motorcycle group in Chicago to serve as an amplified, roaring vessel. Through these movements and conduction of energy, this work explores hybrid forms of ritual, protection, and conjuring— rooted in the search for imagined spaces of futurity and sonic citizenship to shift and amplify boundaries of objectification.



A soft spell accompanies the installation seeing eye to eye by Eshan Rafi, currently on view at the Block Museum. This movement research performance is grounded in ideas of solidarity and friendship; the shared experience of moving through the world as queer and non-binary people of color; and the revolutionary poem Hum Dekhenge by Faiz Ahmed Faiz, sung by Iqbal Bano. The notion of performing a score as a spell offers space for desire, the subconscious, and aesthetic activation to occur. Movement languages of abstraction, imagery, and bodyweather are brought in by Jasmine Lupe Mendoza, and their experience as an abortion birthworker charges the space.

Cory Perry, whose work is also presented in the Block Museum, offers woven jute sculptural pieces to be activated by the performers. Perry appropriates anti-erosion wattles used for landscaping and site-construction, and dresses them in iridescent glass crystals. By queering their functionality, a palimpsest beauty is revealed. Perry's artistic work serves to create and expand Black / queer space.

Contact The Block Museum of Art for more information: (847) 491-4000 or email us at block-museum@northwestern.edu