Dario Robleto: The Art of Scientific Storytelling: Block Museum - Northwestern University
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Dario Robleto: The Art of Scientific Storytelling

Dario Robleto
Artist Talks
12 PM

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Date & Time:

Thu April 8, 2021
12 PM


The Block Museum of Art
40 Arts Circle Drive
Evanston, IL 60208


Open to the public, Online


We live in a time when the arts and sciences are generally understood to operate in different domains of knowledge production, each using different tools in their search for truth. The now cliched divisions between the fields–emotion vs. intellect, the heart vs. the brain–are tidy illusions which should be vigorously challenged. What is the value of re-establishing this connection and how can the two fields grow from the interaction? More specifically, how can art’s sensitivity to the personal and emotional dimensions of human experience better illuminate the same experiences at the heart of all scientific investigation?

Artist-at-Large Dario Robleto will share the deep connections between art and science through his creative research methods, narrative storytelling and exploration of material science and sculpture.


Dario Robleto, Transdisciplinary Artist

Dario Robleto, whose work is born out of cross-disciplinary research and collaboration, works across sculpture, installation, and sound to explore the intersections of music, popular culture, language, storytelling, and the histories of science and war. He has exhibited his work in museums and galleries across the United States. In spring 2018, Northwestern Engineering and the Mary & Leigh Block Museum of Art welcomed Robleto at Northwestern as part of its Artist-at-Large program. The program joined other activities organized by Northwestern Engineering that are part of its ongoing Art and Engineering Initiative.

Presented in partnership with Northwestern's McCormick School of Engineering


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