What’s inside The Block? It depends on how you look.

You may notice that we have a new look. Like the experience of art itself, our playful new “B” is a matter of perception. It is open-ended, and invites viewers to look twice and to find meaning for themselves. Making creative use of the Northwestern University fonts and colors, we have embraced a design that celebrates the spirit of openness that is a core value of the museum.

At The Block we are open to dialogue, open to new ideas, and open to new ways of looking at art and at ourselves.



The Block Museum of Art gratefully thanks a wide team of collaborators for their help in developing our new look.  Chicago design firm Some Odd Pilot offered assistance in early ideation and ongoing work in digital design.  Northwestern's Global Marketing and Communications team invested incredible time and talent in the creation of the museum's new mark and messaging strategy.  Our particular thanks to Andy Madorsky, Martin Wilson, Erin Phipps, Shane Collins, and Margaret Cahow for their work to design and launch this new chapter.