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General Information
email: block-museum

phone: 847.491.4000
fax: 847.491.2261

The Ellen Philips Katz Director
Lisa Graziose Corrin

phone: 847.491.2562
email inquiries to jenna.robertson
fax: 847.467.4609

Associate Director of Curatorial Affairs 
Kathleen Bickford Berzock

phone: 847.467.5047
email curatorial inquiries to essi.ronkko
email press inquiries to

Susan and Stephen Wilson Associate Director of Engagement/Curator of Public Practice
Susy Bielak

phone: 847.467.5034
email: susy.bielak

Senior Manager of Marketing & Communications
Lindsay Bosch

phone: 847.467.4602

Senior Registrar
Kristina Bottomley 

phone: 847.491.5601
email: k-bottomley  

Assistant Manager of Visitor Services
Aaron Chatman  

phone: 847.491.7536
email: a-chatman  

Communications Coordinator
Caroline Claflin

email: caroline.claflin

Steven and Lisa Munster Tananbaum Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art
Janet Dees

phone: 847.491.8016
email: janet.dees

Assistant Manager of Nights & Weekends
Brycen Doby


email: brycen.doby

Manager of Security Services
James D. Foster

phone: 847.491.2422
email: james.foster

Curator of Academic Programs 
Corinne Granof

phone: 847.491.4980
email: c-granof

Registration Assistant

Carl Kauffman

email: carl.kauffman

Block Museum Graduate Fellow

Sarah M. Estrela

Evelyn Kreutzer



Curatorial Research Associate
Alexandria Kotoch

phone: 847.467.6310

email: alexandria.kotoch

Lead Preparator
Mark Leonhart

email: mark.leonhart

Associate Film Programmer
Justin Lintelman

phone: 847.467.6045
email: justin.lintelman

Chief Projectionist
Rebecca Lyon

phone: 847.467.6045
email: r-lyon

Pick-Laudati Curator of Media Arts

Michael Metzger

phone: 847.491.2448
email: michael.metzger

Assistant to the Director
Jenna Robertson

phone: 847.491.5893
email: jenna.robertson

Assistant Registrar    

Veronica Robinson

phone: 847.491.7330


Assistant Curator

Essi Rönkkö

phone: 847.467.5896

email: essi.ronkko

Collections and Exhibitions Coordinator

Joseph Scott

phone: 847.467.0734

email: joseph.scott

Business Administrator
Rita Shorts

phone: 847.491.4002
email: d-shorts

Associate Director of Collections and Exhibition Management
Dan Silverstein

phone: 847.491.4592
email: d-silverstein

Curatorial Assistant, Permanent Collection

Melanie Garcia Sympson

email: melanie.sympson

Senior Business Administrator
Jeff Smith

phone: 847.467.3969
email: jeffsmith

Grants Manager/Special Projects Associate
Kate Hadley Toftness

phone: 847.491.5209

email: kh.toftness

Engagement Coordinator

Holly Warren

phone: 847.467.6046

email: holly.warren

Engagement Manager

Lauren Cochard Watkins

phone: 847.491.4852
email: lauren.watkins