The Block Museum of Art gratefully acknowledges those of our most loyal supporters who have included the Block Museum in their estate plans:

Richard Hanna and Byron Dunham
Edith C. Eisner
Deborah Everds
Kate Ezra
Thomas Hamilton
Susan G. and Richard M. Rieser Jr.
Ellen Philips Katz
Sari and James A. Klein
Andra S. and Irwin Press
Sandra L. Riggs
Christine and William Robb III
Lynn E. Hauser and Neil L. Ross
Dorothy J. Speidel


The Block Museum of Art gratefully acknowledges the individuals, foundations and organizations who have contributed to the annual fund, endowment, exhibitions, special projects and the museum collections or have made gifts of art between September 1, 2016 and August 31, 2017:

$50,000 and above

Carla Harriet Esch*
National Endowment for the Arts
National Endowment for the Humanities
Andra S. and Irwin Press
Lisa Munster Tananbaum and Steven Tananbaum
Terra Foundation for American Art
Susan and Stephen R. Wilson


Elizabeth Epstein and Stuart Bohart
David C. & Sarajean Ruttenberg Arts Foundation
Zeynep and Melih Keyman
Myers Foundations
Diane and Craig Solomon
Angela Lustig and Dale E. Taylor


The Alumnae of Northwestern University
Julie and Lawrence Bernstein
Hanna and Sidney Block*
Stacey and Lowell Cantor
Amy and James Geier
Illinois Arts Council Agency
Ellen Philips Katz
Susan G. and Richard M. Rieser Jr.
Sandra L. Riggs


Anu and Arjun Aggarwal
Lorinda Ash
Nicole and James N. Druckman
Kristin Peterson Edwards
The Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation
Barbara N. Fuldner
Hulda B. & Maurice L. Rothschild Foundation
Sari and James A. Klein
Dianne and Stephen Loeb
Christine and William Robb III
The Robert Lehman Foundation
Lynn E. Hauser and Neil L. Ross
Jean E. Shedd

$1,000 to $4,999

555 International, Inc.
Kim and Keith Allen-Niesen
Christine and Armyan Bernstein
Sarah M. Pritchard and Neal E. Blair
Amy Pope Brock
Kay Deaux
Janet Sally Dumas
Edith C. Eisner
Lisa Corrin and Peter B. Erickson
Judith Rachel Freeman
Susan Fuller
Cassie and Steven J. Gavin
Carol and Jerome J. Ginsburg
Mary Ann and David L. Grumman
Denise Gunter
Jean and Robert Guritz
Margaret Hastings
Steven P. Henry
Gail and Tom Hodges
Ruth Lasky
Nancy and R. Hugh Magill
Graciela and Neal D. Meltzer
Janis and John K. Notz Jr.
Carol J. Narup and Warren G. Petersen
Romenesa Foundation
Rubens Family Foundation
Angela Himsel and Selig Sacks
Margaret Holland Schmitz
Elizabeth Ellrodt and Scott C. Schweighauser
Fabiola Delgado and Kenneth N. Thompson
Arete Swartz Warren

$500 to $999

Acrobat Marketing Solutions, Inc.
Ronald L. Marmer
Diane More
Ronnie K. Pirovino
Susan B. Rubnitz
Ingrid and William Stafford
Patricia Stratton

$250 to $499

Kathleen Roy Cummings
Robert O. Delaney
Sally and Bernard J. Dobroski
Gloria Fogler-Mancini
Bryna and Edward P. Gamson
Edwin G. Goldstein
Phyllis J. and Chester S. Handelman
Christopher P. Huisinga
Debora Hunter
Susan Wascher-Kumar and Prem Kumar
Ronna Stamm and Paul Lehman
William R. Levin
Vicki L. Sauter and Joseph S. Martinich
Kimberly Moy
Jane and Lloyd J. Peterson
James R. Putt
Margaret Lynn Hughitt and James R. Shaeffer
Sanford N. Singer*
Elizabeth G. Stout
William S. Susman
Marilyn McCoy and Charles R. Thomas
John G. Waterbury
Janet and Ned P. Zachar

Gifts of Art

Jackie and Richard Hollander
Martha Keller, Daniel Keller and Kathryn Keller Rule
Jennifer and David Kieselstein
Judy Ledgerwood
Muna Tseng Dance Projects, Inc.
Dawn Clark Netsch*
Gwen and Peter Norton
Sheila S. and Bill G. Lambert
John A. Silberman
Larry Snider
Terra Foundation for American Art
Vicki Tlusty

Northwestern University

Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities
Buffett Institute for Global Studies
Center for the Writing Arts
Department of Art History
Department of Art History/Warnock Publication Fund
Department of Art Theory and Practice
Department of History
Department of Neurobiology
Department of Performance Studies
Department of Theatre
McCormick School of Engineering
Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies
Middle East & North African Studies
Northwestern University Libraries
Office of the Provost
Program of African Studies
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences