Artist Projects

The Block Museum is committed to fostering new projects with artists—art that is collaborative, process-based, participatory, and involves people as the medium or material of the work. These projects, which typically take place beyond the museum’s walls, often address personal or collective histories and current social and political issues. The Block actively seeks opportunities to connect artists with faculty research, student interests, and campus resources such as the Northwestern Libraries. These interactions contribute to the development of artists’ work while engaging students, faculty, and the public in artists’ creative processes.

Artist-in-Residence: Jen Bervin

Jen Bervin is an interdisciplinary artist and poet whose conceptually driven works weave together art, writing, science and life in a complex yet elegantly simple way.With support of the Kaplan Institute for the Humanities,  the Block Museum will bring Bervin in Winter Quarter 2018 to contribute to the life of campus and to develop a project responding to research she will conduct over the course of her six-week visit.